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Bike Basket Covers

bike basket covers

    bike basket
  • A bicycle basket allows a bicycle rider to carry cargo or objects without using their hands. Baskets on children's bicycles and some utility bicycles are often mounted to the front handle bars and are made of wire mesh, wicker, or woven plastic.

  • Put something such as a cloth or lid on top of or in front of (something) in order to protect or conceal it

  • Scatter a layer of loose material over (a surface, esp. a floor), leaving it completely obscured

  • (cover) provide with a covering or cause to be covered; "cover her face with a handkerchief"; "cover the child with a blanket"; "cover the grave with flowers"

  • (cover) blanket: bedding that keeps a person warm in bed; "he pulled the covers over his head and went to sleep"

  • Envelop in a layer of something, esp. dirt

  • (cover) screen: a covering that serves to conceal or shelter something; "a screen of trees afforded privacy"; "under cover of darkness"; "the brush provided a covert for game"; "the simplest concealment is to match perfectly the color of the background"

Custom Bike Seat Cover with Matching Puppy Shade and Basket Liner

Custom Bike Seat Cover with Matching Puppy Shade and Basket Liner

Super Wow! I can't say enough great things about this super lush terrific seat cover. The tailoring is exceptional. What a great way to jazz up my bike! Mellovelo is simply wonderful and a great Etsy find. I will be purchasing more seat covers as unique and special christmas gifts for my bicycle enthusiast friends

Brand New Bike Basket chf 15

Brand New Bike Basket chf 15

Detachable bike basket/shopping basket.
Fixes onto bike with simple attachment and unhooks to become a shopping basket. Top has a closable waterproof cover.

Brand new. Bought recently in Germany for 25 euro. Supposed to fit all bikes...but guess what!!! My handbars are really thick.

bike basket covers

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